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Do you know who are your Customers, and Why?

RW-data™ for brick and mortar.
Scalable. Instant. Fast to implement.
The most accurate in Real-World conditions.

Real Time Alerts

Robbie provides in-app/in-browser notifications: real-time customer data for immediate action and more compelling experiences.

Widest Spectrum Of Features

Robbie understands primary and secondary emotions (like satisfaction, or boredom), bound to customer ID and demographics stats, providing data insights like no other computer vision system.

Any Device, Any Location

Installations? No worries, Robbie's got your back. Robbie platform is 100% web browser compatible and with any device* or OS/Mobile platform making the integration process as easy as 1-2-3 from low to high-end cameras.

* With a compatible camera, from commodity HD-720p to highest 8K resolutions

Real-time Personalized Reporting Tools

Decide what matters: your automated, personalized Dashboards can provide the data that is relevant to your business like marketing and sales KPIs, loyalty, traffic, customer behavior, new vs. returning customers, and more.

Online And Offline Video Streams

Why stopping at real-time streaming? Discover Robbie's unique way of analyzing video content in a huge batch offline video processing.

On The Go. On The Cloud.
On premises.

Start using Robbie wherever you are.
Robbie's Cloud technology is really that simple.

On premises options available too!


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