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Let's see if Robbie can help you

What’s RW-data™?+

RW-data™ is a new category of software powered by machine learning and deep learning tools, trained in real-world data sets. Robbie RW-data™ is collected accurately and fast by Robbie, and processed in the form of actionable KPIs.

What can I learn from Robbie’s RW-data™?+

By collecting live data through cameras, Robbie AI captures each individual through the unique biometric cues of the face. Robbie makes automated feature extraction and classification about customer ID, emotions based on behavior, and aggregated demographic information, so brick and mortar can know its customer.

Which cameras does Robbie need to work?+

Robbie AI is hardware agnostic, from a standard Webcam, IP camera, to powerful cameras PoE (Power Over Ethernet), in a wide range of resolutions and lens, and a broadband connection. Robbie is compatible with the following browser versions: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (12+, 29+, 34+ respectively).

Can I access your API?+

We do have an API, compatible with any platform through HTTP REST API. But we just open our API for in very specific projects, non-publicly. If you want API access, contact us!


Because Robbie wants to make as simple, fast, and easy as possible the transition from outdated, static data (wi-fi trackers, surveys, mystery shoppers) to a powerful live and real-time RW-platform tmRobbie works almost as plug and play, so our customers don't need technical knowledge to integrate, and they know how much they will pay in advance. No more complicated API calls calculations. Ever. Want to try? Contact

What are the benefits of using Robbie consumer insights?+

Works in real-world settings.
You don’t need special setups, or people looking at videos, or good lighting and distance. The power of Robbie is that works with real-time streaming. We love working "in the wild" - challenging lighting conditions, at any distance, and with angled faces. Even with low-quality images. Essentially, you can use Robbie anywhere in any form

Understanding the Underlying states with the first classifiers for non-basic emotions.
Robbie has collected one of the world's largest proprietary dataset in the wild. Robbie is the first computer vision with classifiers for non-basic emotions, starting with satisfaction, engagement/alert, and boredom. These are inspired by the 2-dimensional model of Affect of James Russel, Boston College. Non basic emotions are hidden/underlying feelings. You can be scared but engaged, you can be satisfied, but sad. Facial expression science proves that people display their emotions for a split second before they can mask them. Robbie tracks micro-expression during long interactions, with baseline, to understand behavior and triggers.

How accurate you are?
We decode emotions at 98% accuracy and faces at 99.9% but that’s not the most important thing. Robbie AI has been designed and trained to perform with superior accuracy from raw video in real time both in facial expressions, facial recognition, and demographics across skin types and gender. Unfortunately, it’s not new that AI works better on male faces than female faces, and in lighter skin tones, rather than darker skin tones. Everything affects accuracy, and therefore, civil rights. Robbie AI has the commitment of fighting bias: we were the first signatory company making the safe face pledge, By Algorithmic Justice League and Georgetown Privacy and Law.

How many faces at once?
Robbie can track flows of millions (i.e airport) or just a single face, with the right camera and lens focus, in milliseconds.

What’s your position and privacy
Robbie has a very strict policy about using and selling facial and behavior recognition: we never rent, sell, or share any kind of information with third-parties. Why anonymize and protect every single individual, never storing facial images, never attaching personal information to biometric templates, a series of complex measurements of the facial structure that can’t be reverted into a face. Robbie’s data is stored with maximum safety levels (images/videos are not saved, just streamed in real time). In an under-regulated space, we feel compelled and empowered to set an example and lead with ethical business practices the industry, so no even one citizen might be afraid of privacy intrusions. The state of mistrust is logical: robots to sell data of people’s homes collected on public WIF, selling for profit people’s interests and friends, or listening to private conversations. The problem with privacy is larger than just facial recognition technologies. Facial recognition is a small -but important -piece of the cake. It’s a newbie to this, so companies must lead the process by being transparent. Facial recognition by itself can be a major advancement in data analysis and consumer protection in so many areas. We commit to deploy ethically.
Read our privacy policy to know more.

What's the price?
Robbie AI is a SaaS service, you can pay monthly, or get discounts per commitment of time and volume. Pricing is a combination of hours of video stream per location and data retention. Tell us how is your space, and we will provide a detailed quote. Tip: Robbie AI 24/7 is cheaper than API calls for the same amount of space. Contact sales here.

Where and how can I access and view the data?+

You can access your analytics via Dashboards and customizable real-time alerts.

What are your standard service levels?+

Customized INCA's are available. Please contact us.

How far from the camera should the user be?+

We love working "in the wild" - challenging lighting conditions, at a distance, and without a full frontal view. You can use Robbie anywhere.