Do you sense your customers?

Emotional analytics to understand any user journey.
Scalable. Instant. Simple to implement.

Real Time Emotion Recognition

Analyze and predict emotions in real time i.e in a video conferencing session or via a surveillance camera.

Widest Spectrum Of Emotions

Analyze primary and secondary emotions (such as boredom and engagement), providing data insights like no other computer vision system.

Any Device, Any Platform

Desktop/Mobile? iOS/Android? No worries, Robbie's got your back. Visio is compatible with any device or platform* making the integration process as easy as 1-2-3.

* With a compatible camera.

Customized Dashboard

Decide the indicators you wish to see. Your personalised Dashboard can provide data relevant to your KPIs, goals, user behaviour etc.

Videos And Photos

Why stop at photo analysis? Discover Robbie's unique way of analyzing video content too.

On The Go. On The Cloud

Start using Robbie wherever you are. With no software, installation or hardware needed. Robbie's SaaS is really that simple!.


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