Let's see if Robbie can help you

How does Robbie Visio work?+

Robbie Visio uses deep learning algorithms that predict human emotions based on behavior. Our software can easily be integrated into any device with a camera, and we utilize Cloud API and SDK integration to bring Robbie to your platform.

How can I use Robbie Visio and which cameras?+

Online platforms - laptop/mobile camera, with Internet connection preferably broadband (2MB or more), a webcam on your device with a minimum resolution of 1280x720 (HD) and one of the following browser versions Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (12+, 29+, 34+ respectively). Any mobile platform is compatible through the HTTP API.
Offline settings (physical places) - with a standard HD webcam (Monitor) with internet connection preferably broadband (2MB or more). Camera IP is supported if credentials (IP address and passphrase) are given.

What are the benefits of using Robbie Visio?+

Works in real world settings.
You don't need to track people in specific conditions of lightning, distance, or still positions. The power of Robbie is that works with real time streaming, both online and offline settings. We love working "in the wild" - challenging lighting conditions, at any distance, and with angled faces. Even with low quality image. Essentially, you can use Robbie anywhere.

First classifiers for non basic emotions.
With more than 60,000 subjects and 200MM of frames, Robbie is the first computer vision with classifiers for non basic emotions, starting with engagement/alert and boredom. Much more to come!

Emotional business intelligence.
In Robbie Visio you choose exactly what data you want to track instead of automatically receiving defaul, one-size-fits-all metrics

Works in any platform, any device.
Wether you have a standard camera on your laptop, HD webcam, IP camera in a location, or camera phone, single photos or videos, Robbie captures and tracks data both in real time and retroactive. No special hardware or difficult installation.

Says goodbye to simple % outputs of emotion.
Emotions are much more than a percentage of a person's internal state. Emotions are triggered by events and perceptions, and shape all aspects of decision making. With Robbie you can get an instant sense of how satisfied customer are, anytime, and the reason why.

Detects hidden feelings.
Facial expression science proves that people display their emotions for a split second before they can mask them. Robbie detects these micro-expressions so you can understand the true emotion a subject is feeling.

Leads in accuracy.
We decode emotions at 97%, including non basic emotions as boredom and engagement. Robbie business intelligence is like having a professionally trained face reader at your service, doing the job much faster and at a much lower cost. No more complicated API calls. Ever.

Captures all the faces in a crowd -if necessary-.
Robbie Analytics can analyze hundreds of faces at once, whether in a stores, hospitals, classrooms, or even a stadium, since it only needs them to be 48 pixels square.

How can I integrate with Robbie Visio?+

The integration process is really simple and full instructions can befound here.

Is my information secure?+

Yes of course. Robbie Visio makes sure all information is storedanonymously with maximum safety levels (images/videos are not saved).
Read our privacy policy to know more.

What's the price?+

You can opt to pay monthly or annually. A full list of our price plans can be found here. You can obtain a 15 day no obligation trial so you can see for yourself the benefits Robbie Visio has to offer via the API application form.

What is the user limit for Robbie?+

No user limit. You can have as many users as you want. The service depends on number of video processed and data retention (how long the data is stored).

What if I reach my limit of video data?+

Robbie Visio will warn you when you have reached your limit of contracted data. You can buy more time data or images in line with your contracted plan. If you no longer want data or images, Robbie Visio would revert to the free version.
Go to pricing to know more.

Where and how can I access and view the data stored in Robbie Visio?+

You can access your emotional analytics via the Visio Robbie Dashboard by entering your username and password.

What are your standard service levels?+

Customized INCA's are available. Please contact sales.

What types of camera and resolution does Robbie Visio require?+

Both webcams or IP cameras are supported. Robbie supports Windows 7 or superior, Mac Os X 10.11 or superior and Linux. The webcam should be properly installed with its drivers for the Operating System it is intended to be used with. The IP Camera should also be properly configured and it must be provided the IP and the passphrase used for its setup.

How far from the camera should the user be?+

We love working "in the wild" - challenging lighting conditions, at a distance, and without a full frontal view. You can use Robbie anywhere.

What conditions does Robbie Visio need to be operated in?+

Robbie works with challenging lighting, real world conditions, but of course, the best lighting the better.

How often is Robbie Visio updated?+

Robbie Visio is continuously improving on a daily basis. Whenever we have a new feature we notify users and the updates are done at no cost.

What is the duration of a license?+

The license does not expire, as Robbie Visio works under the model of SaaS (software as a service). You just need to keep up to date with your monthly or annual payment to enjoy a continuous service.

What other systems can Robbie Visio integrate with?+

Robbie Visio can work with any device with a video camera (computers, tablets and mobile) with an internet connection. It is also possible to integrate with a 3rd party platform (telemedicine, security, etc.). If you want to know the full list please click here.