Perfect Patient Care Has Arrived

Robbie AI provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in fall prevention, setting a new industry standard for patient monitoring technology in healthcare facilities.

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We know faces.

Our database of 1 billion expressions knows them even better.

Robbie AI uses real-time face and body scans to predict and prevent harm events.

24/7 monitoring,
rapid notifications

Our advanced care technology is designed to continuously monitor the mental states and activities of patients while they are resting, walking, standing up, or getting out of bed.

When an alert is triggered, our system immediately notifies relevant staff members, allowing them to take swift and appropriate action.

Proven Results

Fall Reduction

in surgical-medical units 4.25 to 0.4 per 1,000 PDs *


Savings Per Patient

estimated ADC


Fall Reduction

in acute units 3.12 to 0.01 per 1,000 PDs *

*research results, manuscript in preparation

Product Features

Protect privacy,
boost ROI

Ultra-Private Processing

Robbie collects data then deletes all video in under five milliseconds.

24/7 Computer Vision

No need for expensive human sitters. Robbie AI is always there.

Real-time Alerts

Robbie notifies staff of patient issues before they happen.

Under The Hood:

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