Detect and Prevent Falls with A.I.

Ultra-private and highly effective

Robbie AI provides accurate and reliable fall detection, setting a new industry standard for patient monitoring in healthcare.

Our system never stores or shares any images or videos of patients. Once processed, frames are permanently deleted.

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Advanced A.I. computer vision 

Our cutting-edge solution harnesses the power of advanced A.I. computer vision to tirelessly monitor and analyze the mental states and activities of patients.

Whether they are at rest, on the move, standing, or rising from bed, Robbie AI is there, providing real-time processing to identify potential falls, dementia episodes, and other critical health risks. 


Always-on, continuous care

Robbie eliminates the need for in-person sitters, tele-sitters, and bed sensors by providing 24/7 monitoring.

With constant monitoring, instant data processing, and rapid notifications, patients receive care before they need it most.


Real-time processing and instant alerts

Robbie AI was specifically built to identify and mitigate potential risks in healthcare facilities. By enabling staff to proactively address potential hazards, Robbie has been shown to reduce patient falls by over 90%.

Our system alerts staff to potential harm events before they occur, allowing for swift and effective responses. 


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